Somarain advantage

Somarain is not just another shipping agent or ship broker, but goes beyond that to offer:

1. Full representation and protection of principal’s interest without conflict with agencies for other lines or carriers.

2. Round the clock contacts via mobile phone, and Inmarsat satellite, backed up by 24 hour power supply (Generator +UPS system).

3. Prompt berthing of vessels and swift discharge/loading to allow departure on scheduled time.

4. Full container logistics backed by in-house software; in 5 years we have not lost one container.

5. No hidden costs or charges.Separation of freight collect and port disbursement accounts; all banking handled through Dubai Banks to minimise delays and charges in the banking system.


6. Full assurance that vessels and the line will be well looked after in cases of claims. Our sister company, Mutual Marine Services & Transport – al Mushtaraka – Ltd., is P&I correspondent for all major Clubs, including Britannia, Gard, UK P&I etc.

7. Close follow up of the market. Market reports weekly or monthly or as required.

8. Excellent contacts with immigration and security to ensure quick arrangements of entry visas for crews, clients and representatives, plus airport picks up both at Khartoum and Port Sudan.

9. Business is conducted in strictly confidential and professional manner.

10. All offices are insured for professional negligence with ITIC the P&I Association for Agents and Shipbrokers.



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