Bashayer terminal has been officially opened on September IST, 1999, and previously known as ?Marsa Inheres?. The terminal has been built for the exportation of Sudanese crude oil (Nile Blend).
At present there are two tugs at the terminal .The larger one is the ?SEA BULK MASTER? that has 3,500 H.P., which goes astern and keeps the tanker off the SBM.There is also a master tug the ?NICOLE 4? which was built in Holland and has 950 H.P. Both of the tugs have P&I cover with the Shipowners Club. Maximum loading rate is 50,000 barrels per hour and after completion of loading it would normally take three hours for recovery paperwork, documentation, etc.

Terminal Main Data

·Name of Port: Bashayer Harbour Marine Terminal.

·Cargo              : Export of Crude Oil (Nile Blend).

·Anchorage     :  Not advised.

·Pilotage          : Port Sudan Sea Pilots.

·Authority for request: Port Sudan Port Authority

·Embarkation Position: 190   15 North 370  30 East  or 190 35               North.

·There are two entries to the Harbour:-

1. Channel from north Towartit reef: Embarkation  Position for the pilot:    190  35 north 370  20    east.

2. From south Towartit reef channel: Embarkation  Position for the pilot: 190 30  east .

Berthing Information: Berthing carried out under the advise of the mooring master to the S.P.M.

· Tugs : 2(1x3,500HP +1x 950 HP). ·

Maximum Size of vessel handled: 300,000 ton summer DWT.

· Divers : four available . · Salvage lifeboat : one available .

· Depth along side : 54 meter around S.P.M.

· Port Authority : Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. Ltd.
· Medical services: Available .
· Port radio : Oil Terminal Control Room Frequency CH160 73VHF.
· 2x16” floating hoses connected to port manifold requiring derrick not less than 15 tons.
· 2x 76 mm chafe chains requiring 76 mm forecastle bow stoppers.
· Approx. API Nile Blend Crude 32.0.
· Temperature 1000 F. Accommodation required for two mooring masters, 1 surveyor and 3 divers during the vessel’s stay.

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